Slow fashion is necessary, made to last is our core principle. It resonates in our design, quality of materials, and intricacy of construction. We join sustainable production practices with locally sourced luxurious materials, giving you a piece of design that will withstand the test of time.

Our design tries to seize the ethos of slow living and carry it into your everyday life. When planning new collections, quality is much more important to us than quantity. Our releases consist of thoughtfully selected designs that are robust to traditional fashion seasons.

We work on a made to order basis - our products are handcrafted only after placement of an order. It allows us to provide each garment with the individual time and attention it deserves. We believe this results in higher quality pieces that will be cherished and loved throughout the years. Another benefit of made to order model is the elimination of surplus stock - no fabric wasted.

There is always room for improvement. We hold ourselves to a high standard in our practices and work hard to be as sustainable as possible. Slow fashion is our commitment as well as helping our customers make more conscious, mindful purchasing decisions.